Dalet partners with Videocraft system integrator from Australia

Dalet has recently announced that its partnership with Videocraft is already formalized. Videocraft is an Australian system integrator and reseller expert in building scalable broadcast and video systems for live events and theatrical programs.

Dalet’s cloud-native media logistics platform, Dalet Flex, provides remote workflows, managing packaging and repurposing their content during and after broadcast.

The first installation will be with the Victoria Racing Club, which will leverage the Dalet Flex media logistics subscription service to integrate a number of complex broadcast systems and warehouse, prepare and reuse content for live and post-event short and long-form programming.

In addition to this solution, Videocraft will have access to the full suite of Dalet solutions including, Dalet Pyramid for production, Dalet Galaxy five media management and orchestration, Dalet AmberFin media processing and transcoding and IP-ready Dalet Brio I/O platform.

“Videocraft clients are looking to create more personalized content that engages their audiences and fans on a deeper level and on the platform of their choice,” states James Taylor, CEO, Videocraft. “That goal could encompass distributing to a platform that might not be readily available today and leveraging deep archives to create historically-rich, compelling stories that resonate with viewers and fans. The media management layer is a critical factor in ensuring that your content, including your deep archives, are accessible and that distribution can adapt to the changing tides. Dalet is the leader in media logistics, production, and distribution, with solutions like the cloud-native Dalet Flex. Through our partnership, we can help our clients simplify and simultaneously power complex content chains, enabling them to grow their brand right alongside their digital and content business.”

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