Dalet updates its Dalet Flex platform to increase efficiency and collaboration

Dalet, has recently announced updates for Dalet Flex, its media logistics platform, aimed to enhance functional coverage and continuity for content preparation packaging, and delivery.

The updated FlexXTEND for Adobe Premiere Pro features new user capabilities on FlexMAM’s advanced search. Using FlexXTEND, users can trigger rendering of their Adobe Premiere Pro sequence on a remote Adobe Media Encoder. Ideal for storyboarding, content creators can organize sequences in Dalet Flex and share them with other Dalet Flex users or send them directly to Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer for further editing.

Labelling has been improved because of the implementation of Controlled Vocabulary. That brings efficiencies to content categories and content is more searchable and easier to share. Permissions management on tags collections, thesaurus support, and taxonomy improvements help users to reach content. Users can now refine permissions for their searches to be visible to other users or groups, making collaboration easier. Additional search operations are also allowed like, for example, “Contains,” “Start with” or “End with”.

Dalet Flex quotas allow admins to define concurrency limits on actions and workflows, offering another area in which productions can fine-tune processes for efficiency. Productions can optimize costs and efficiency by dynamically sizing their infrastructure to support bursts in resource needs. And that is thanks to Kubernetes support for media processing services on Cloud infrastructure.

Future updates include new reporting tools for billing and cloud consumption costs, as well as support for additional languages within FlexMAM. In 2022, additional functionality will include a mobile app for searching and managing content, as well as multi-tenanted SaaS offerings.

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