Datavideo unveils NVS-34 encoder and recorder

Promo pic of Datavideo NVS-34

Datavideo has announced the NVS-34, the successor to the renowned NVS-33 H.264 Streaming Encoder and Recorder. The NVS-34 has “even better” features than the NVS-33, with the ability to stream to two platforms and record simultaneously. Users now have the ability to share their content to multiple platforms without needing to buy another encoder.

One of the unique new features of the NVS-34 is the ability to stream in vertical (9:16) mode. According to Datavideo, “vertical streaming is the future of online video content” as “over 90% of all videos watched on smartphones are watched vertically”.  With NVS-34, users can share their content in vertical mode to social media platforms like Instagram (IGTV) and Facebook.

The NVS-34 can also stream and record at different bit rates simultaneously. It records onto an SD card in NTFS, FAT, or exFAT formats to allow continuous recording up to two hours without a file size limitation.

Front panel operation with easy-to-use buttons makes this encoder desirable for applications such as Houses of Worship, Education, Corporations and Live Event Production. In addition to a bit rate selection button on the front panel, the NVS-34 has video input selection, stream, record, and vertical buttons. Once the NVS-34 is set up initially using a PC/Mac computer or a tablet with a web browser, users can press one button to start their streaming and recording.

“My favorite feature of the NVS-34 is the ability to do dual streaming,” says Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo US. “It makes it so easy to share your content to a larger audience.”

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