Deakin University and Dreamscreen share a ROE Visual LED volume between students and professionals to make Virtual Production

The Deakin University and the company Dreamscreen have recently agreed to impulse virtual production for Australia’s film and entertainment industry. The investment has resulted in the acquisition of ROE Visual Black Pearl panels and associated equipment for the new studio in Geelong.

Under the agreement, Dreamscreen will have exclusive access to the panels for television and film projects. Correspondingly, there will be 25 industry placements annually for Deakin film, animation, and design students to work on Dreamscreen projects.

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin said the agreement was a “significant gain for Deakin” that strengthened the university’s capabilities at the interface of digital technology and creative industries. “It will enable our students to be exposed to some of the most exciting film production technologies globally and cement Deakin’s standing as a digital leader,” Professor Martin stated.

The ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 panels form a massive LED wall of 26m x 6m. It has a  high frame rate, high fresh rate, and low scan lines, so the series are perfect for Virtual Production. Filmmaker and Dreamscreen Australia founder and chief executive Clayton Jacobson found virtual production as the inevitable culmination of film production and gaming technology. “Virtual production requires the close collaboration of many different filmmaking disciplines, both traditional and new, working closely together on stage to deliver breath-taking real-time effects.”

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