Dejero updates the way for US High Schools to stream its live sports competitions

Dejero opens a way for US High Schools to stream its live sports competition

Dejero has worked with The Lovett School in Atlanta on a live streaming solution for the centre’s sports competitions. Due to the pandemic, public is not allowed in to these shows and the traditional broadcast system does not fit with the social distance standards.

Therefore, Dejero has developed a solution incorporating four LivePlus mobile apps and a WayPoint 104 receiver in the live streaming production workflow. These devices are connected to the existing campus Wi-Fi infrastructure. Thanks to that, the school is able to reduce its production crew at games from fifteen students to just two or three, meaning they can adhere to social distancing regulations while covering sporting events – a feat that could not have been achieved with their pre-pandemic set up.

“Although social distancing was a driving concern at the time, we immediately realized that the Dejero gear could be set up in a fraction of the time versus our traditional set up,” explained parent-volunteer and coordinating producer for Lovett Network, Jim Claussen. “The students can now set-up and strike a game in literally one-tenth of the time it used to take because they don’t have to pull coax, power cables and haul heavy equipment up and down the countless steps at all these various stadiums and arenas. Now it’s just smartphones on lightweight tripods.”

The app uses Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology to aggregate available networks, including wired (cable/DSL/fiber broadband) and wireless (3G/4G/5G cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite) networks from multiple providers — delivering the bandwidth needed for high-quality live video transmission.

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