Digital Alert Systems changes wiring options for emergency messaging platforms with DASDEC-III

Digital Alert Systems has introduced DASDEC-III. It is the third generation of its emergency messaging platform. It comes equipped with the DASDEC Version 5 software.

With DASDEC-III, the company has unified two product families —DASDEC and One-Net— into a single product line.

The new release of the platform is designed to fit roles in traditional broadcast radio and television including the latest NEXTGEN TV, CATV, IPTV, campus, industrial, and emergency operation centers. It has many features capable of transforming the old ways of doing emergency messaging.

Through the integration of EAS-Net, the DASDEC-III can eliminate all the complex wiring and logic associated with serial ports, audio wiring, and contact closures to multiple media keyers and switches. Linking the platform to EAS-Net-compatible devices eliminates all those connections and devices and moves critical communications to an IP-based network.

The platform has adopted StudioHub wiring standard. Using this method, users can create quick and easy connection to many other audio devices with simple Cat 5/6 wires with RJ45 terminations. The new unit also provides an HDMI output with scalable resolutions and embeds the emergency audio in the same output. It has also an improved user interface.

“The DASDEC-III represents the latest in Digital Alert Systems’ innovative design and dedication to our customers — and ultimately, to their customers,” Robertson said. “With this new platform, we’ll be able to continue supporting and developing more features and functions that are critical to today’s emergency messaging workflows.”

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