Digital Nirvana launches MetadataIQ for News to address the need for news tagging

Digital Nirvana has recently announced MetadataIQ for News, a new variation of its MetadataIQ SaaS-based automatic metadata generation tool.

This solution uses news-specific speech-to-text technology and machine learning capabilities to describe the assets that appear in a news broadcaster’s feed.

News providers get multiple news feeds. There can be as many as 100 continuous feeds at a time. It is impossible for humans to keep up with tagging all that media. MetadataIQ for News was made just to tackle this necessity.

Digital Nirvana uses its MonitorIQ application to ensure MetadataIQ for News. Every day, MonitorIQ records multiple news channels, including the audio, which contains the proper pronunciation. Then, using AI, MonitorIQ identifies all names and places, and feeds all the data back into the STT engine’s dynamically updated vocabulary.

“We designed MetadataIQ to describe content from multiple cameras of a reality show. But news broadcasters needed an application that was built specifically to handle news content, which is constantly changing and therefore doesn’t conform to general-purpose speech-to-text engines,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana. “Because the application is continually training the engine to recognize new names and places, MetadataIQ for News ensures news broadcasters always have an accurate description of their content, even though there’s something different every day.”

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