Digital Nirvana announces the upcoming update 8.0 of MonitorIQ

Digital Nirvana has announced the release of MonitorIQ 8.0, the ultimate version of its AI-driven compliance logging and monitoring tool. The new version updates the tool’s Linux operating system and all included software up to their latest versions. The company has eliminated security vulnerabilities, increased resiliency, made the system quicker and enabled new streaming technology with lower latency for live video.

MonitorIQ 8.0 puts access to historical video to anyone that would search for data through a simple interface. In between its characteristics, broadcasters can now identify ads on competitive channels, detect logos in content, recognize faces from sources or entertainment content and generate closed captions or transcripts of clips from live or historical content.

“In today’s broadcast market, speed and efficiency are key to delivering and monitoring content. This is why we chose to speed up all facets of our product. It will allow our users to perform their daily tasks faster and easier”, said Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana. “This latest version puts us head and shoulders above our competitors with functionality, speed, and reliability”.

The MonitorIQ 8.0 upgrade will be available starting in the fourth quarter at no cost to active customers.

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