Digital Nirvana presents Media Services Portal, its suite of closed-captioning solutions

Screenshot of a utility integrated in the Media Services Portal of Digital Nirvana

Media Services Portal, leaded to satisfy closed-captioning requirements of every broadcaster, is the latest innovation of Digital Nirvana.

It integrates, in a single suite, closed caption generation, closed caption quality assurance via a multilevel checking process that includes realignment; and an automatic closed caption generation and metadata enhancement for AVID assets with built-in media intelligence for object and scene recognition through Digital Nirvana’s Metadator. In addition, the tool can be linked with the Monitor Q utility of Digital Nirvana for logging and feedback of content quality and compliance.

This is how Digital Nirvana describes the workflow of Media Services Portal: “It offers an interface through which customers can submit their job requests and access customized, flexible caption-related services that fit their business needs — including the option to upload files in multiple formats (either from the system or from S3 buckets) and submit job requests. The portal takes the submitted content through the secure Digital Nirvana captioning workflow for processing and then posts it back in the portal, along with an email notification, once the job is complete. The download option in the portal allows customers to download the processed content for future use. Users are able to add, edit, or delete content directly from the portal, which maximizes productivity and simplifies workflow. The customer is then able to upload the media file and captioned version to the portal to access services such as caption quality check and caption synchronization”.

Hiren Hindocha, co-founder, president and CEO of Digital Nirvana, explains why the Media Services Portal tool is the solution that broadcasters were looking for: “There are plenty of point captioning products on the market, but until now, broadcasters have had to turn to multiple sources for key functions such as caption generation, caption alignment, and quality assurance. And there’s been no single portal for personalizing huge volumes of content and tailoring it to a global audience. With Media Services Portal, we’ve filled that niche with a rich suite of smart, self-service tools that empower broadcasters and independent content producers to enhance content value, meet regulatory captioning requirements, and prepare content for publishing to different distribution channels.”

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