Discovering Dalet Unified News Operations

Remote editing tool by Dalet for newsrooms

Interview with Enrique Lafuente, General Manager, Spain

Dalet has an extensive career serving broadcasters from around the world. What does Dalet have to contribute to the field of newsroom?

Dalet news solutions drive operations in many of the world’s largest newsrooms for major broadcasters. The solution enables the unification of the traditional newsroom components and the orchestration of resources, staff, systems, and content to create and distribute news stories across multiple platforms. We call it Dalet Unified News Operations (UNO). This approach better serves modern newsrooms, where remote collaboration and multi-site workflows are commonplace and efficient multiplatform content production & distribution are key.

Collaboration spans across the entire workflow: from planning through scripting, production all the way through broadcast and distribution. All of these activities are served by a single, unified platform and accessible from multiple devices. Chat rooms allow users to open up news stories quickly, using ad-hoc groups to exchange media, scripts, and ideas.

Dalet Unified News Operations brings together almost all the elements that need to be taken into account in the workflow of a newsroom. Is that the greatest virtue of Dalet UNO?

The Dalet Unified News Operations solution allows journalists, editors, and producers to collaboratively plan, create and deliver news. The intuitive desktop, web and mobile tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis, and archive are geared for busy multimedia newsrooms, with digital workflows, social media and audience engagement at the core of their operation.

What difference does Dalet Unified News Operations offer to other alternatives?

There are five key standout Dalet Unified News Operations offerings:

  1. Dalet Remote Editing – seamless remote editing framework that enable in-the-field, remote users to collaborate and break news faster and better, even in low-bandwidth situations
  2. Dalet Social Media Framework – robust social media capabilities that empowers storytellers to leverage social media for their evolving narratives
  3. Dalet Media Cortex – powerful AI service platform that automates content tagging and aid in news story development with an embedded smart assistant that surfaces content suggestions to your creative and editorial teams.
  4. Dalet OnePlay – next-gen automated studio production with orchestrated multiplatform distribution to open up new forms of audience engagement and revenue opportunities
  5. Dalet Galaxy five cloud-based environment options – enable newsrooms to expand at will and bring down geographical barriers, allowing ubiquitous access to resources and full mobility for your staff
Dalet Unified News Operation UI on Laptop

Powerful remote editing workflows

Dalet Remote Editing is a highly scalable framework that brings the full-featured multimedia editing capabilities and speed to the editors working in the field or at remote offices without requiring a PAM/MAM at every location. Media organizations in fast-paced production markets such as news, sports and reality TV often have extensive in-the-field production needs that are critical to their business. Unmitigated access to content located at the central hub and accelerated media exchange from the field to home and back are paramount for success. The Dalet Remote Editing framework securely connects journalists, producers, editors and other content creators to the central content hub, enabling the in-the-field/remote users to edit, assemble, collaborate and quickly submit packages or download high-resolution media to finalize locally even in low-bandwidth situations.

Fully Integrated social media capabilities

Broadcasters can also benefit from the Dalet Galaxy five’s enhanced Dalet Social Media Framework, which enables fast-paced workflows like news to treat social media as an integrated part of their overall operation. Journalists can harvest, analyze, produce and deliver fast-paced news on social media platforms alongside traditional outlets. The story-centric workflow offers familiar indicators such as the number of views, likes, shares, as well as audience comments and threads. Visual engagement data lets journalists know how their posts are performing with their audience and discover new angles audiences are expecting.

Content Intelligence at your fingertips

An extension of Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet Media Cortex is a SaaS service platform that enables consumption of cognitive services on demand in a pay-as-you-go model. Taking operations much further than the basic benefits of standard speech-to-text, face recognition and sentiment analysis, Dalet Media Cortex orchestrates advanced automatic metadata enrichment to provide deep content insights and discovery, and eventually surfaces the results at various levels of the Dalet application stack to provide actionable insights and real value to the users and to the organization.

 A new generation of studio automation for any show

An extension of Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet OnePlay not only automates the control of all devices in the studio, it also fully leverages the MAM, NRCS and workflow orchestration capabilities of the platform to open up new forms of audience engagement and revenue opportunities, all the while optimizing the costs of the entire operations

Dalet OnePlay benefits any production of scripted shows, making it an ideal solution for newscasts, sports magazines, live and live-to-tape studio shows.

High-performance and scalable cloud workflows

Dalet Galaxy five features advanced integrations with AWS infrastructure services, enabling hybrid scalable architectures that introduce more mobility in the user experience. This allows new operation models, enhanced content security, and can help minimize content handling costs. With auto-scalability capabilities and native support of S3 and Glacier, new workflows can be enabled such as multi-site federation & content sharing, elastic disaster recovery and business continuity, or simply the migration of media archives to the cloud.

Dalet UNO on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile

The multiplatform distribution is one of the highlights of the service. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Whether on TV, on VOD or on social media, audiences expect content to be available when and wherever they want it. Multi-screen usage is even of more importance for audiences looking for timely and detailed information such as news and sports.

With Dalet Galaxy five, the process of publishing multimedia content on digital platforms is fully automated. When a story is created, Dalet can automatically produces both a television and a digital story, and journalists immediately access all working assets associated with either platform. Because digital publishing is greatly simplified, broadcasters are able to move it upstream, with journalists now publishing their own stories to digital platforms. It’s all about empowerment!

Cross-platform content experience is especially important for shows, which are becoming more sophisticated, driving complexity on the production processes. As a response, Dalet introduced Dalet OnePlay as part of the Dalet Unified News Operations solution, an innovative new generation of studio automation designed to simplify, modernize and transform live show production. It helps production teams work more efficiently, collaborate better with the newsroom and easily build multi-platform experiences for the audience around any show.

For graphics, Dalet Cube is a comprehensive suite of tools – integrated in the Dalet UNO solution – to design, manage and playout high-quality, broadcast 3D graphics. Dalet Cube allows journalists to seamlessly repurpose television-formatted graphics for digital platforms, which now all feature graphics optimized for digital platform viewing.

Renowned companies have already implemented Dalet Unified News Operations. Can you name some examples?

Definitely! In 2018, Euronews completed a strategic transformation with Dalet that puts content customization for local audiences at the heart of its operation. The pioneering multicultural news provider replaced its legacy broadcast infrastructure with the Dalet Unified News Operations solution, transitioning from a single multi-language channel to 12 separate cross-platform channels tailored to local audiences, all while incurring no additional headcount. The 500 users across Euronews’ four major offices in Athens, Brussels, Budapest and Lyon are connected and collaborating on a single environment, relying daily on the power and the agility of the Dalet Galaxy platform for the production, orchestration and delivery of their stories.

With Dalet, Euronews is now producing more than double the amount of television content that it did under its legacy infrastructure. Additionally, by synchronizing the production of content between its TV and digital platforms, Euronews is producing 20% more digital platform content than before the adoption of the Dalet Unified News Operations solution.

Another interesting customer relying on UNO, includes CNNMoney Switzerland, using the solution to drive end-to-end content production and distribution at its premium business news channel. The entire content production and distribution of the new Zurich-based facility is using the full feature set of Dalet news solutions, powered by the robust Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM), Workflow Orchestration and Editorial platform.

Other customers that have implemented UNO include:

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  • CVMC –
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