Discovering Trance, the latest solution of Digital Nirvana

User Interface of Digital Nirvana's Trance

Digital Nirvana, a provider of next-generation media-monitoring and metadata generation services, today introduced Trance, an enterprise-level, cloud-based closed captioning and metadata enhancement solution. Through features such as cloud-based architecture, an integrated and automated speech-to-text (STT) engine, and an easy-to-use interface, Trance brings new efficiencies to captioning and subtitling workflows.

“Trance is the latest addition to Digital Nirvana’s lineup of smart solutions for media organizations, designed to decrease costs and increase the productivity of in-house teams by orders of magnitude,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Nirvana. “Honed over two decades, Digital Nirvana’s service offering for closed captioning, metadata generation, and transcription delivers the industry’s most accurate closed captions with the fastest turnarounds. With Trance, all of the features that have empowered our internal teams are now available in a closed captioning platform that is highly reliable, accurate, cost-effective, and easy to use.”

Trance includes advanced speech-to-text capabilities that enable the solution to generate automatic and multilingual transcripts. Automated STT transcript generation “delivers productivity improvements ranging from 60% to 97%, with an additional 40% gain in workflow efficiency compared to conventional desktop applications”, according to the press release. Plus, Trance has the ability to ingest Avid assets directly for caption generation and/or metadata enhancement. Users can access media assets from cloud storage, Avid Media Central, SFTP, local servers, or via an API, and the final output can be automatically converted into multiple sidecar formats and sent to predefined destinations.

Trance is making its industry debut at the 2019 NAB Show New York and will be showcased in the Digital Nirvana booth, N369.

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