disguise gx 2 powers Billie Eilish’s “When We All Fall Asleep” world tour

disguise's notch technology powered by gx 2 servers at a Billie Eilish show

The rising alt-pop star Billie Eilish has decided to implement disguise gx 2 technology for her first full world tour “When We All Fall Asleep World Tour” through her content design partner Comix.

Tom Brightman, Creative Director of the company, explains the singer’s needs: “Cour Design tasked us with coming up with visuals based on a nighttime journey through Billie’s dreams and nightmares. We set to work developing individual treatments for the songs. The show would begin by introducing a nightmarish landscape then each song would be represented by its own dream world from the inner demons of ‘Bury a Friend’ to the doppelganger-infested forest of ‘Copycat.’ We were excited, we knew Billie’s reputation for pushing creative boundaries combined with this interesting concept and could tell this was going to be a great experience.”

The kick off of the tour was at the Coachella festival. That performance required the gx 2 to have two 2K outputs and three full HD outputs for an upstage HD LED video wall, 4K LED floor and two HD IMAG screens. For the following shows, offered in concert venues, the company opted for one 4K and four 1080 outputs.

Lewis Benfield, video director, explains why disguise’s solution was the one that best suited Billie Eilish’s creative requirements: “disguise has a lot of advantages when handling a show like this. Its versatility is perfect for a camera-heavy, time-coded show from its pinpoint accuracy when playing back large-format content with timecode, to Notch integration and the smooth capture and playback of cameras, which were all paramount to this show. We couldn’t afford any lag anywhere in the system and it was all going to be time coded so it made perfect sense to use disguise as our playback system.”

According to Lewis, the gx 2 provides the necessary stabiility for this world tour that will end in Mexico City in November 2019: “We wanted to get as much GPU performance as we could for Notch as we have numerous looks that we designed, and disguise’s gx range is the best when it comes to running Notch. Not to mention the amazing I/O, which fits our every need; timecode; cameras; outputs. The ability to easily tie other departments is also brilliant.”

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