disguise gx range drives video at MTV 2019 VMA’s show

Screenshot of a performance during MTV VMA 2019 whose graphics were boosted by disguise gx range

In August 2019, MTV hosted its 36th Annual Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, USA. The show featured an array of video elements throughout the show used during performances and for stage design and text listings of performers and presenters. Entertainment design firm Visual Noise Creative LLC deployed ten disguise gx 2 media servers to facilitate the video intensive environment.

In selecting the disguise gx 2s Jared LeClaire, Content Director and Workflow Producer explains that, “we needed a system that was scalable, able to manage a variety of incoming data streams and capable of playing back multiple layers of 8K content. disguise met all of these requirements and had the added benefit of content/output mapping flexibility and media management tools.”

Other companies that took part in the production of these awards were VTProDesign or Earlybird.

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