disguise supports virtual production for NantStudios commercial productions

NantStudios, a production studio based at Los Angeles, has recently shot a commercial production for an unreleased high-end vehicle. The team has supported on a disguise system integrated into their Unreal Engine-based virtual production set-up of ROE Visual BP2 LED panels and Brompton SX40 LED processors. The LED is 360° surround and is set in a 24,000-square-foot soundstage.

They were able to achieve a total of 39 different shots in six different virtual, urban environments in less than a day’s work. The driving plates were all equirectangular 360 footage, spherically mapped to the LED volume at its native resolution. Engineered to play back video at the highest quality disguise’s vx 4 chosen to run the content on ten 4K outputs.

“The elegant end-to-end solution disguise provide for this media playback workflow – from system deployment through programming and operation, ensures 100% of efforts can go toward shooting the best-looking content as efficiently as possible,” says NantStudios Director of Virtual Production, Gary Marshall.

Before arriving on-site for the day’s shoot, the team were able to pre-visualise the studio set-up in disguise’s Designer software using an existing 3D mesh of the Space. disguise also enabled NantStudios to apply effects to the pre-rendered content from the disguise Designer timeline with the help of an OSC-based iPad app.

“We are truly proud to see such a successful debut for our partnership with NantStudios. As we both share a mission to democratise virtual production and make it accessible at any scale, we cannot wait to see how our two teams collaborate further to streamline this innovative workflow,” says disguise Technical Solutions Specialist, Marcus Bengtsson.

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