Disguise launches the new generation of its VFC cards in IP

Disguise launches a new model of their VFC Cards tools. The solutions allow users to change the video output signal on their server, for any show or project need. The last addition to this family of products is the IP-VFC card.

This is a patented technology that enables a ST 2110 video output signal for the first time from a disguise media server. It enables this kind of video signal at up to 4K 60p with very low latency, supporting the growth of IP video in media & entertainment.

IP-VFC maintains the same form factor as the current VFC cards with the added benefit of ST 2110 video. This means that installations can benefit from COTS technology and the scalability that it brings.

The solution delivers images with more colour information without the need for external conversion to take place further along the production chain. This helps deliver larger, more interactive experiences for audiences.

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