Dish TV LLC expands broadcast network with PlayBox Neo channel-in-a-box solution

PlayBox Neo has announced the successful implementation of a new multichannel playout system for Dish TV’s direct-to-home satellite television network in Mongolia. Headquartered in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, Dish TV broadcasts a diverse range of over 150 international and Mongolian television channels via Koreasat 5A, complemented by NVOD, RVOD, and SVOD offerings.

Ariunbold Nasanjargal, Chief Technical Officer of Dish TV, expresses his satisfaction with the efficiency of PlayBox Neo television channel management systems, stating, “Our operations run smoothly thanks to the efficiency of PlayBox Neo television channel management systems. They are reliable, versatile, and fully compatible with our production, scheduling, and playout workflow.” Nasanjargal continues, “Our staff appreciate the extensive automation facilities which allow them to supervise multiple channels while retaining the ability to accommodate new interstitials or changes in program running order if called upon to do so. We can even accommodate live-to-air news. This expansion to our infrastructure will be assigned to three new HD channels and gives us the option of advancing to 4K UHD playout at some point in the future.”

Iulian Ionescu, Regional Business Development Director at PlayBox Neo, adds insights into the chosen solution, stating, “The solution selected by the Dish TV team for this project includes a dual Channel-in-a-Box server plus an additional CIAB license and a Multi-Backup Manager.” He elaborates, “The system is configured to provide N:M redundancy. Dish TV’s operators are fully experienced in using our systems so were able to proceed without the additional training which we often provide.”

PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box is a comprehensive playout server solution designed for broadcasting single or multiple television channels. Available in HD or UHD, it encompasses all the necessary tools for ingest, scheduling, text manipulation, interactive graphics, playout, and content distribution. Additionally, it includes remotely accessible tools to enhance preparation, quality control, and content monitoring. Output options include SDI or an IP stream. Users range from terrestrial and satellite broadcasters to pay-TV service providers, playout centers, and satellite network operators.

The PlayBox Neo Multi-Backup Manager (MBM) enables a playout system administrator to allocate the number of backup systems, optimizing system costs while ensuring system integrity. MBM monitors user-defined lists with CIAB master and slave applications, automatically replacing a non-responsive master with a slave if necessary.

Dish TV provides direct-to-home satellite distribution of multiple television channels, movies, and content services throughout Mongolia. Established in 2008, it also offers services such as VOD and pay-per-view. The launch of the Koreasat 5A satellite in 2017 enabled viewers to receive a higher quality signal with a more compact dish antenna.

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