Distortion Studios opens state-of-the-art virtual production facility in Bristol

Distortion Studios, specialists in virtual production, have launched a state-of-the-art studio in Bristol, supported by an in-house team of immersive digital arts experts. This new space features the latest virtual production technology and serves as both a shooting location and a training hub for aspiring industry professionals.

“At Distortion Studios, we aim to upskill the next generation of local industry talent,” says Nick Diacre, Technical Director at Distortion Studios. “We plan to offer training sessions alongside the usual studio hire, emphasizing the importance of staying technologically agnostic.”

Diacre first encountered SP by Stage Precision during its early beta phase while experimenting with XR setups using Disguise technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “SP filled a crucial gap, allowing us to elevate our productions and become more versatile without needing custom code integrations. It was a game-changer,” recalls Diacre.

Since then, Diacre has integrated Stage Precision into the virtual production (VP) workflow at Distortion Studios. The studio’s commitment to platform agnosticism enables adaptability to various tools and technologies based on project needs. With Stage Precision at the core, Distortion Studios can seamlessly switch between different platforms, software, and systems.

Stage Precision’s multifaceted functionality acts as a “Swiss army knife” for Distortion’s VP studio, managing complex workflows, visualizing camera tracking data, controlling switches, and calibrating lenses. This flexibility allows the studio to accommodate various camera setups and configurations, offering clients a limitless creative environment.

“Being tied to a specific product ecosystem can be costly and restrictive. Stage Precision eliminates that problem,” Diacre explains. “Its platform-agnostic nature means we aren’t limited by proprietary systems, allowing us to focus on creative execution without technical constraints.”

Diacre highlights how SP’s seamless integration with leading VP and XR tools, such as Unreal Engine, TouchDesigner, and Pixera, grants the team at Distortion unparalleled creative freedom and agility. “SP connects all these tools into a single interface and outputs the correct data. It’s a platform-agnostic pipeline for controlling our equipment,” he says.

The Distortion team has found SP’s no-programming environment quick and flexible. “SP offers multiple approaches to problem-solving and data management,” continues Diacre. “It allows us to debug, verify data, and control any parameter or function. For instance, we use SP’s integration with Stream Deck to control camera positions and lighting easily.”

Stage Precision’s Shield plug-in for Unreal Engine 5 is also a vital tool at the studio. “Shield has simplified our control of Unreal, especially for our green screen workflow. It provides the precise control and monitoring we need without complexity,” says Diacre.

Stage Precision software has transformed traditional virtual production at Distortion Studios, fostering a space where creativity thrives. Diacre also praises the ongoing support from the Stage Precision team.

“I can’t imagine running our studio without Stage Precision,” Diacre remarks. “It’s the cornerstone of our operations, providing the control, flexibility, and methodology we need to succeed. It feels like a golden age for virtual production, and having a direct relationship with Stage Precision is incredible.”

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