DMC Production makes RallyX Motorsports broadcasting faster

The Scandinavian company uses Grass Valley’s tech to impulse a faster way of managing sports productions 

DMC Production, a Scandinavian remote video production powerhouse, has developed a new way of managing remote workflows, pointed to impulse the live broadcasting for the 2024 RallyX Motorsports Championship. By leveraging Grass Valley’s AMPP technology, DMC reimagined the traditional on-site production model, delivering high quality live streams of the races to YouTube viewers worldwide.

The AMPP platform’s comprehensive and scalable live video production and processing services enabled DMC to ditch the outside broadcast trucks of years past. Instead of deploying two large mobile units per venue, the company streamlined operations with just two compact vans housing the AMPP live production server setup.

“AMPP is a game-changer that is dramatically transforming our live remote video production of RallyX and ultimately other media and entertainment events globally,” exclaimed Jens Envall, Chief Technology Officer at DMC Production Sweden. “AMPP’s scalability and agility is remarkable. We can easily scale up the number of cameras, add production sites and stream program outputs to any of our remote production centers if needed.”

Reducing costs, boosting sustainability

According to the solution developers, the innovative remote workflow not only enhanced production quality but also delivered  cost savings and environmental benefits. By minimizing the need for large outside broadcast vans, DMC reduced operating expenses like fuel and travel, shrunk crew sizes, and decreased its carbon footprint – aligning with the company’s and RallyX’s sustainability goals.

Connectivity challenges were also solved. “Had we just sent a dozen camera signals to the remote site for switching back at a DMC remote production hub, we would have needed ample high-speed connectivity to backhaul the camera signals, which cannot be guaranteed at RallyX racing venues,” Envall explained. “It was therefore advantageous that AMPP enabled a fully remote workflow controlled over a mere 100 Mb/s public internet connection from the racetrack to DMC’s remote production center, further reducing the cost of production.”

A collaborative effort

Envall’s colleagues at DMC played pivotal roles in pioneering this new approach, as company signals. Johan Hedblom, Managing Director, helped leverage AMPP technology to decentralize production infrastructure. Meanwhile, Adrian Falck, Head of Networks, configured and planned the technical setup, ensuring a seamless implementation of the AMPP solution.

“We’re extremely pleased to collaborate closely with DMC Production to realize their innovative live remote video production workflow,” said Adam Marshall, Chief Product Officer at Grass Valley. “Following the continued success of the RallyX production, DMC is well-poised to further benefit from our cutting-edge AMPP technology platform. Together, we’re re-imagining traditional broadcast workflows and reshaping the landscape for live media and entertainment productions globally.”

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