Dolby Atmos comes to Bang Zoom thanks to Focusrite solutions integration

Bang Zoom is an audio post-production studio that edits and creates effects for series, films and other animated media. This post-production facility is located in Burbank, California and has won two awards for its work. It operates seven ADR recording stages, two Foley stages, six editing bays and four Dolby-certified mixing stages with 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround capabilities. In addition, the facility recently added a mixing stage for Dolby’s Atmos immersive audio format.

Critical to moving all that sound around the facility is a Dante network, served by six 32-channel Focusrite RedNet HD32R Dante HD network bridges. These system components act as the backbone of the facility’s content/signal transport infrastructure, allowing them to handle the high channel count of a Dolby Atmos mixing session.

When it came time to upgrade its mixing stage for Dolby Atmos, Bang Zoom contacted Westlake Pro, which specializes in the design and integration of immersive studio and post-production facilities. The integrator supplied all RedNet products and worked closely with the Bang Zoom team to ensure that the installation met Dolby’s specifications.

The new Atmos mixing stage is designed as a single-person mixing position: four HD32R units carry up to 128 channels from the Avid Pro Tools | HDX system to the Dolby RMU Atmos rendering and mastering processor; two other HD32Rs serve as interfaces to the studio’s Pro Tools recording system.

Danny Fasold, sales consultant for Westlake Pro says, “The Focusrite HD32R was the perfect match for the studio’s Dante network and a key part of implementing Atmos. “They always knew they were going to go with Atmos, and they always knew they needed to build Dante into their infrastructure, tie into their main mix stage, and be able to pull audio to and from any room, so the HD32R was the solution”, he says. “It was the perfect tool to connect his Dante network to his Avid Pro Tools system. It doesn’t take much convincing: ‘This is what you want to do? Then this is what you need: the Focusrite RedNet HD32R”.

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