Dubai Press Club hosted pioneering workshop on immersive audio workflow for broadcast

A groundbreaking workshop focusing on immersive audio workflows for broadcasting recently concluded at the Government of Dubai Media Office. Jointly organized by industry great players as Neumann, Merging Technologies, Lawo, and Dolby, and hosted by the Dubai Press Club, the event attracted a remarkable assembly of audio industry professionals.

“We are tremendously pleased with the results of this workshop,” commented Mig Cardamone, Sales Director, Sennheiser Middle East. “The wealth of knowledge shared and the relationships built truly underscore the importance of such gatherings. They contribute significantly to our industry’s progress. We extend our immense gratitude to the Government of Dubai Media Office and Dubai Press Club for their supportive roles in making this event a resounding success.”

The workshop offered participants an unmatched opportunity to explore advanced audio broadcasting techniques. The comprehensive curriculum spanned critical aspects from sound generation and audio distribution to immersive broadcasting techniques, promoting a deep understanding of the latest practices in immersive audio.

“We’re thrilled to have been part of such a successful event,” stated Klaus-Joerg Jasper, Senior Sales Director Middle East & CIS, Lawo. “At Lawo, we firmly believe in continuously refining and democratizing audio technology. This workshop served as an invaluable platform to disseminate our expertise while also learning from the enthusiastic participants.”

Maurice Engler, Product Owner at Merging Technologies, added, “Participating at an event where complete and realistic workflows are explained and shown is always exciting. Integrated solutions with partners such as Lawo and Dolby, along with our new colleagues from Neumann and Sennheiser, are what end-users and integrators want to experience.”

The extensive workshop covered various aspects of audio workflow in broadcasting, including immersive audio production, 3D mixing, transmission, and replaying techniques. Interactive demonstration sessions and Q&A discussions with industry experts provided participants with deep engagement on the subject matter.

“We look forward to hosting more of these workshops,” added Cardamone. “Continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of immersive audio represents our collective vision.” A highlight of the event was the exclusive preview of Sennheiser’s innovative Wireless Multichannel Audio System, which caused a stir among attendees with its revolutionary approach to audio system design.

According to the Press Office declarations, success of this event marks the beginning of a series of upcoming workshops aimed at equipping industry professionals with the latest knowledge and expertise to thrive in the fast-evolving world of broadcasting.

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