South Africa’s deploys twin Solid State Logic System T units in its studio facilities, a commercial television station from South Africa, has installed two Solid State Logic System T networked broadcast production environments at its studio facility in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Johannesburg. The two twin systems each comprising an S300-32 control surface with redundant T25 Tempest Engines, join an SSL C10 HD digital audio broadcast desk previously installed in a third studio at the main facilities. Solid State Logic’s broadcast partner in South Africa, professional solutions company Hi-Tech Audio, supplied the System T components.

The two System T setups have been installed along with a variety of SSL Dante-networked interfaces. Two Network I/O A16.D16 units per console each provide a combination of SSL SuperAnalogue and AES3 digital I/O connections to the network. Two SB 8.8 Stageboxes support the introduction of an additional eight mic/line inputs with eight line-level outputs. Each of the two System Ts are also integrated with four SDI embedder/de-embedders that bridge SDI, MADI and Dante.

“The systems are networked in a redundant private Dante network within the same building,” affirms November. “To put the audio from the C10 on the Dante network we also have a MADI bridge and four SDI I/Os for the studio using that console.”

The facility formerly housed several analog audio mixing consoles in addition to the C10 HD. The new System T platform has replaced the aging analog desks, Lwazi November, studio manager and engineer, says: “The modularity of the SSL audio desks was one of the major draws to their systems, along with ease of maintenance and after-sales support. SSL’s expertise also assisted us in conducting virtual training as these desks were installed during the pandemic with no travel allowed.”

After having had the opportunity to spend some time at the T desks,’s mixers have come to appreciate a number of their features, November reports. “They especially enjoy the ease of configuration provided by the simple navigation menu, he says, as well as the dynamic positioning of the processing on the individual channels and the available standard effects racks.”

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