EBU discloses strategic priorities for generative AI in media

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced its strategic priorities for generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on public service media. In a strategic paper released recently, on June 11, the EBU emphasized the need for cooperation among regulators, AI developers, and media organizations to harness the potential of this technology while addressing its challenges.

Eric Scherer, Director of the News MediaLab at France Télévisions and Chair of the EBU News Committee, highlighted the significance of AI for public service media. “Today, AI is the burning issue for public service media, who seek to maximize its benefits in the public interest,” he said. “To do this, we need regulators, AI developers and media to find a common purpose through open and ongoing dialogue, which is what we’re advocating in the EBU strategic paper on Generative AI and public service media.”

The strategic paper outlines the EBU’s vision and sets forth guidelines to ensure that public media organizations can continue to serve European society effectively. Key areas of focus include data use, source attribution and display, as well as prominence and verification of AI-generated content.

EBU’s AI Initiatives

To support its members in navigating the AI landscape, the EBU has launched several initiatives:

1. PSM AI strategies report: Drawing on lessons learned from AI-advanced members, this report aims to provide guidance on implementing AI tools effectively and responsibly.

2. Annual EBU AI summit: This event brings together leaders and AI practitioners to collaborate, share knowledge, and explore best practices.

3. EBU Academy School of AI: Offering training in emerging AI-linked specialisms, this program aims to equip media professionals with the necessary skills to leverage AI technologies.

4. AI ethics group: This group considers the ethical implications of public service media organizations using AI, ensuring that its implementation aligns with ethical principles and societal values.

The EBU’s strategic paper and initiatives underscore the organization’s commitment to supporting its members in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in the media landscape.

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