Editshare announces “Remote Production: Balancing Work and Self” with guest Zeb Chadfield

Editshare webinar with The Finish Line announcement

On Wednesday, April 8, Zeb Chadfield, CTO of The Finish Line (Viacom, Warner Bros Television, Freemantle Media, BBC Studios) will star in the next edition of EditShare’s webinar series called “Remote Production: Balancing Work and Self”. EditShare’s Director of Marketing, Lee Griffin, will discuss Zeb’s approach to collaborating remotely with clients and teams over the last five years.

Chadfield has an inspiring story to tell. In 2011, he had a nervous breakdown and as a result decided to find a way to work remotely for a better work-life balance. He has been doing this for years and can help others trying to figure this out understand the psychology of it as well as the technical considerations, best practices and more.

This upcoming webinar will address:

  • Change Management – psychologically shifting from office to remote / at home work.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for working in a virtualized environment
  • Thought Leadership on the industry and what to expect coming out of this crisis
  • Demo of EditShare’s remote asset management platform, Flow, highlighting it’s open and secure platform.

Furthermore, did you hear that Editshare is offering its remote asset management platform, Flow, for free to any content creator? You can check this limited offer through their website.

You can register for the webinar here: https://go.editshare.com/webinar0408

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