EditShare upgrades its FLOW MAM and EFS shared storage systems

EditShare has recently announced updates to its FLOW media asset management (MAM) and EFS shared storage systems. The upgrade is available from today and it adds enterprise-level availability and redundancy. Also, it brings updates including new Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve panel capabilities and proxy support for remote working. Complementing the update, some EFS administrative features have been added such as smart shortcuts, system transparency, and automation. There is a list with every enhancement described:

The high availability is achieved by giving its central database multiple points of redundancy to mitigate against hardware or network failures that would affect MAM client accessibility during active productions.

The panel enhancements bring the benefits of FLOW directly into Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolves user interfaces enabling users to access FLOW’s features without leaving the NLE environment.

In addition to standard streaming proxies, FLOW can now generate additional high quality ProRes Proxy and H.264 files.

FLOW now fully supports the latest version of DNA Evolution by Storage DNA.

EditShare is building on the momentum of bringing better web-based user experiences to customers through the use of in-app guides and feedback messaging capabilities.

Through Telemetry, EditShare can work with customers to ensure systems are running optimally through pro-active monitoring and event alerting.

EFS Control Maintenance Mode: new controls allow maintenance users to manage files in certain media spaces while restricting other users to read-only access.

Active Directory Single Sign On (ADSSO) enhancements: improvements to ADSSO to enhance enterprise-level user management.

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