EditShare to introduce the latest versions of EFS and Flow at NAB 2020

Editshare booth and guest code for NAB Show 2020

Editshare will show at NAB Booth new technology innovations for EFS and Flow: end-to-end production in the cloud, deeper integration with creative tools like Adobe® Premiere® Pro to enable advanced, collaborative editorial workflows, and practical applications of AI to enrich archives.

Flow 2020 tracks and supervises asset movement across tiered storage environments including on-premise, nearline, object storage and cloud. In addition to showcasing the range of cloud workflows and full-featured panel support for integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and other creative tools, EditShare will demonstrate practical applications of AI within the Flow environment, including the ability for users to index and organize its video content, eliminating manual logging while standardizing content indexing for “richer” search capabilities.

In addition, EFS 2020 powers faster EditShare storage nodes and networks on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations. Fully compatible with Flow 2020, EFS 2020 enables media organizations to build extensive collaborative workflows. The media-optimized file system features security improvements “at every layer” and “enhanced throughput performance gains” across the board. In addition to the storage management tools built into EFS, Editshare has added an extensive set of RESTful APIs that opens the door for customers and technology partners to automate advanced storage management workflows in a secure environment.

In addition to demonstrations of EFS 2020 and Flow 2020 capabilities and workflows, attendees can join Editshare for presentations in the EditShare theater covering the following industry trends and technology topics such as “Remote Productions: On Ramp to The Cloud”, “Advanced APIs: The Power of Openness” or “Security Best Practices: Keeping Content Safe and Creativity Flowing”. Last but not least, EditShare will have members of its customer success team on hand to discuss how EditShare Academy “empowers” employees, partners, and customers with comprehensive knowledge.

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