EditShare upgrades technology at University of Hertfordshire and allows remote education

The University of Hertfordshire has a robust film and TV program with some 400 students. The film and TV program recalibrates its curriculum every five years to ensure students are taught the latest techniques using modern filmmaking and video production technology.

The university began its validation selecting EditShare. The solution supports multiple production and post-production workflows taught at the school, including remote-working workflows, a great help at situations like the COVID-19 shutdown.

Howard Berry, principal lecturer of the campus, has commented “when we began the validation exercise, we had three different pathways that students could take: film and TV, documentary, film and TV fiction, and film and TV entertainment. People move from genre to genre, so we revised and consolidated to a unified film and TV production with a heavy emphasis on post-production. The new path would cover the range of productions as well as picture editing, color grading, visual effects, effects and, most importantly, the workflow side of things, giving students a more well-rounded education”.

Berry selected the EditShare EFS and FLOW solution to support the multiple workflows and various post-production tools used throughout the course.

FLOW automation is key to streamlining the film and TV Program’s submission process. Berry explains the efficiency it has brought to the process, “FLOW hosts folders for all the student assignments. When they submit their QuickTime and finished version files to the EditShare system, FLOW automation scans the file and moves them into a folder only the lecturers can see. If the file is not in the right format, it will be scanned and transcoded. It also timestamps the submissions, so we know that the coursework was submitted on time”.

Key to the success of the remote production was EditShare’s FLOW, AirFLOW and FLOWStory. FLOW media management provided the media management foundation with AirFLOW and FLOWStory providing cloud-based editing, review and approval. Berry explains, “Without FLOWStory, the only option was to have students come into the university lab to work on their edits. During a pandemic the thought of having to go this route was not an option. FLOWStory was a light install that ran on Windows and Mac and would allow the students to edit from anywhere”.

.Berry concludes, “we have many students who cannot return to campus because of the pandemic for one reason or another and they are still doing the coursework, they are still doing the training, and they are still able to learn because we are using EditShare. It’s an amazing gift of being able to do what we want and in any kind of way that we want to deliver it now. And I am very grateful”.

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