ELEMENTS announces Storage Innovation and Collaboration webinars

Remote production solutions allowed by ELEMENTS tech

Scheduled next Tuesday and Wednesday (28-29 April 2020), ELEMENTS is offering a comprehensive webinar on its solutions, including storage innovation and collaboration.

Users will learn about web browser-based remote collaboration with the Media Library. How to view, edit, annotate and comment on their material, “securely sharing it” with their colleagues and external contributors for review and approval. “Trigger custom workflows from an easy-to-use web interface that runs on-premise or on a hosted virtual ELEMENTS Gateway via your preferred cloud provider. And all this whilst preserving and securing requirements with easy VPN integrations”, said the press release.

In addition, customers will explore “Proxy workflows of the future” and how flexible automation features and cloud-based gateways re-define what’s possible by connecting multiple, remote editors to the cloud. Finally, ELEMENTS has compared six major solutions to find out which is the best remote access provider for media workflow requirements.

“We know that there are a lot of webinars on offer at the moment, but we’re confident ours is different. And not to be missed”, confirmed CEO André Kamps, ELEMENTS. “We’re proud to offer you real support and information during this uncertain time, and as well as presenting these webinars, our ELEMENTS professional support team is always available.”

You can register to the webinar at https://elements.tv/remote-workflows/ and chose the date/time/region of your choice.

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