Elements announces webinars sessions to present new products

Elements’ webinars to presents new products and innovation

Elements has announced series of webinars between 27th and 29th April. The company will introduce its latest products and have an overview on media storage workflows innovations.

The different sessions that the company has organised are divided in three parts. The first one will introduce the Elements ecosystem and provide insights into its products. For the second, the topic will be decentralised collaborative workflows in video production. The third one will discuss the efficient integration of 3rd party storage, with two separated webinars.

The registration is open on the Elements website. All the information on the speakers, different topics and the specific schedule of the webinars can be found in the same site. The sessions will be delivered on two different sessions. One at 10 AM, London time, and a second one also at 10 AM but this time in Los Angeles time.

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