Enensys provides its technology to the DVB-T2 tests of Free TV, TX Australia and Broadcast Australia

Logos of the companies that were involved in the last Australian DVB-T2 test

Free TV, TX Australia and Broadcast Australia implemented the Enensys’ T2Gateway and Teamcast Twister II modulator for their recent DVB-T2 trials in Queensland (Australia). The tests are now complete and the first results will be presented at the Media Entertainment Technology (SMPTE) conference in Sydney in July.

The trial assessed the performance of DVB-T2 transmission modes in the Australian environment, utilizing the UHF band for transmissions in both MFN and SFN configurations. This follows the experiments that were conducted in the Sydney area in 2018 and for which a T2Gateway was used.

Colin Prior, APAC Sales Manager at ENENSYS said, “We were very pleased to continue our involvement in these trials that will enable the Australian broadcasters to confirm the capabilities of DVB-T2 in their environment as well as ensure interoperability between equipment manufacturers”.

Roger Bunch, Free TV’s Director of Engineering, commented, “We have appreciated the extensive support received from ENENSYS towards achieving our objectives. These trials have permitted us to trigger wide technical interest towards establishing guidance for implementing the DVB-T2 system and methods for evaluation of their quality of service performance requirements.”

Michael Ryder, GM Engineering at TX Australia mentioned, “We are grateful for the support provided by ENENSYS and other suppliers which partnered with us to enable the DVB-T2 trials. The outcome of these trials will form the basis for future consideration of the adoption of this next generation broadcast standard in Australia.”

Stephen Farrugia, CTO at Broadcast Australia added, “The DVB-T2 trial is an important step to validate that the terrestrial television technology is ready for next generation broadcast, enabling Australian broadcasters to deliver the best possible viewing experience with optimal spectrum efficiency”.

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