Eolementhe. The mint cloud


A professional online audiovisual processing platform

Lab conducted by Carlos Lapuente

The advent of the 21st century and the increase in bandwidth of conventional Internet access networks brought with it the resurgence of data storage on the Cloud. Data storage on distributed Internet servers had already been devised in the 1960s, but due to the shortcomings of the networks back then and their low transmission speed, their implementation was not profitable.


Companies offering cloud storage services or Big Data calculations did not begin to flourish and make their computer, server and disc cabinets available to businesses or regular users at affordable prices until 2006. This gave way to the concept of cloud computing that allowed the rental of online services of virtual computers where users were wholly abstracted from the hardware but had the power of an entire hive of mega-computers working for him or her with a simple port device and Internet access.


Since then, companies such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Google Cloud PlatForm) have been joining the race as spearheads offering the most powerful and reliable services.


Thanks to this computing paradigm, companies and users who hire them can make the most of all the advantages they offer, since, among other things, it allows them to save on costs; they do not have to think about renewing or extending their equipment, updating software licences; they are billed only for the services they use, do not need personnel to carry out maintenance and do not need spaces with enormous electrical or refrigeration with the cost that they come with, etc. They are easy to use, give you peace of mind and are scalable, as they are elastic services that adapt to peak workloads by automatically distributing machines and calculation processes.


Nowadays, this wonderful and growing sector continues to bring new services and products to make life easier for the basic user and allow us to be technologically up to date. We would like to talk to you about a new product that has reached our laboratory. It is Eolementhe, an online multimedia workflow platform brought by Videomenthe.


Videomenthe, a French start-up created in 2008 and based in Montpellier, is a software publisher and distributor specialising in multimedia file workflow solutions, including IP file transfers, transcoding farms, quality control farms for professional audiovisual files and audio volume.  With a staff of under ten people, Videomenthe has created an entire range of value-added professional solutions designed to be simple, scalable and affordable for users to ensure the continuity of their workflows. Among them is the one we are about to present to you, Eolementhe.



For this laboratory, we had an online demo access to Eolementhe, which Videomenthe kindly provided us. Our access basically consisted of an online cloud computing platform with a package of integrated tools to ingest, process, control and deliver multimedia files. Although Eolementhe is not only a cloud solution, it also exists in Standalone and Hybrid SaaS modes.


Based on the SaaS(Software as a Service) distribution model, Eolementhe offers multi-vendor tools to cover a series of simultaneous video and audio file workflows in a very simple to use interface. Eolementhe is the solution for automated processing of multimedia files designed for all audiovisual professionals, be they producers, broadcasters, journalists, post-production departments, etc. It has been created for all professionals in the audiovisual sector, regardless of their technical profiles. You can create your workflow simply by dragging and dropping files, and you can also save and share it with other users. Eolementhe allows you to customise your working environment to suit your needs.


Media files are stored on the OBS ‘FE’ cloud, on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Server, and you can configure the uploading options so that objects are stored on these 3 same services.


Among the different tools that can be used, we have the following

–              Ingest: Fast and secure transfer of video files.

–              Transcoding.

–              Quality control.

–              Volume correction and analysis.

–              Subtitles.

–              Dictation to text.

–              etc.


Eolementhe, magazine broadcast



In standard mode, you can ingest multimedia files via HTTPS into standard Amazon S3, Azure or OpenStack object storage or through files already in the user’s cloud account (Orange BS). In Premium mode, you can use the Signiant  or Aspera protocols that provides a higher loading speed. You can also retrieve or ingest a video stream from the Internet.



There is a variety of tools to transcode your video files, ranging from WFS Carbon and Harmonic’s Xpress, KFE HEVC 4K from French broadcast company Ateme and other professional transcoders, such as Cambria FTC from Capella Systems.



The first level of quality control is performed automatically when ingesting, but the Interra Systems Baton tool is what monitors the quality of video and audio files. Most containers and codecs available on the market are available and include DPX and continuous transmission.



Minnetonka’s popular audio processing solution integrates with AudioTools to analyse and correct audio volume. You can enable this feature on the Harmonic WFS Carbon Node.



You can choose between manual or automated delivery mode for files processed in Eolementhe. Just by adding e-mail addresses, your recipients will receive an e-mail link where they can download the files they are interested in. This process is secure and quick thanks to Signiant technology, although you can also, as we mentioned earlier, deliver content on other object storage platforms, such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure or OpenStack. But this is not all, it also allows deliveries to be made with a custom API to an FTP, a YouTube channel or through IBM’s Aspera client.


Besides, there are more options under ‘File Lib’, offering key features to manage, enrich a video, then collaborate to get a final and correct version of this video.



As soon as you log on to the Eolementhe platform with your credentials, you will see a desktop with very relaxing appearance, reminiscent of a clear sky or the bottom of a pond in summer crossed by a sunbeam. An idyllic and relaxing place, perfect for a future stressed user, which seem to be common in the audiovisual media, post-production, journalists, or content producer departments.


Read the whole test in:

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