Epic Games relies on SMPTE initiative to address rapid industry evolution with $150,000

The most recent program from SMPTE, Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) On-Set Virtual Production Initiative (OSVP), has received Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games consisted on $150,000 that will empower this RIS Initiative. The RIS OSVP is working to assess challenges; establish goals; and make interoperability specifications, workflows, and best practices open and free to the industry along with supporting educational courses and webcasts.

“We formed the RIS On-Set Virtual Production Initiative to address an important and specific industry need, and this support will add to our momentum and accelerate our work. Speaking on behalf of the SMPTE RIS OSVP community, I can say we’re all tremendously grateful,” said SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange. “This Epic MegaGrant is a wonderful validation of the work we’ve done so far, the model we’re using to deliver results, and our ultimate goal of making those results open and free to the industry.”

SMPTE developed the RIS model to address rapidly evolving technologies and their application across the media and entertainment industry. SMPTE initiative, on your own words, will empower creatives, technologists, and executives to explore the full potential of powerful, real-time, 3D creative tools, including Epic’s Unreal Engine. More than 40 companies and individual contributors from across the industry are collaborating as part of the RIS OSVP community.

“Establishing interoperability standards and best practices for film and episodic content creators is essential to making virtual production workflows accessible to all storytellers. This initiative from SMPTE marks an important step forward for virtual production, a technique centered around use of Unreal Engine that has revolutionized the creation of interactive storytelling and entertainment. We are pleased to support this effort through Epic MegaGrants, accelerating SMPTE’s mission to drive the industry forward,” said David Morin, industry manager, media & entertainment, Epic Games.

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