Esports Stadium Arlington installs TSL Products control system

Arlington eSports stadium with live audience

Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas needed to establish a broadcast workflow suitable for its 100,000-square-foot event space. The stadium’s integrator suggested adding TSL Products’ advanced control system into the facility’s workflow to achieve a seamless, universal broadcast control surface.

The stadium uses TSL Products’ advanced control to improve its workflow, especially with the multitude of camera angles required in esports productions. In addition to the sheer volume of inputs and potential places that the technical director needs to locate and select for preview/program, the fast-paced “action movie” nature of the environment also lends itself to a dedicated advanced control system. Additionally, many Esports workflows require interfacing a bevy of both traditional broadcast as well as IT and COTS equipment to run properly. Using Virtual Panel Interfaces, the stadium can create a configurable process to customize these operations with drag-and-drop controls.

“We needed an advanced and user-friendly system to transition between live hosts and various player cameras to help organize who should be live at each point of the event,” says Corey Dunn, VP of Broadcast for the stadium. “Operating with TSL’s advanced control system benefits both the production crew and on-camera talent. From the hosts at the desk transitioning from camera-to-camera to our production crew knowing who is live and when – the integration of TSL into our workflow doesn’t just impact camera operators, but the entire production.”


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