Estonian public broadcaster relies on Solid State Logic and installs three T S300 consoles

Estonian Public Broadcasting (Eesti Rahvusringhääling or ERR) has installed three Solid State Logic System T S300 digital audio broadcast consoles.

The new consoloes join three SSL System T S500 consoles that ERR previously installed during an upgrade from analogue to digital operation in several studios at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital.

“Last year, we decided to expand the solution and purchased three S300 consoles.” The two smaller System T S300 surfaces, with 16+1 faders, have been installed in commentary studios following the completion of renovations at the facility,” Sander Üksküla, R&D Manager TV Production Technology, ERR, says. “The third S300, a larger surface configured with 32+1 faders, will be installed when there is a break in the production schedule in a studio that is typically in everyday use.”

The three S500 consoles are powered by SSL T80 Tempest Engines and integrated alongside SSL Network I/O A32 analogue-to-Dante and SSL HC Bridge network bridging and conversion interfaces. ERR also uses several mixed-format Network I/O A16.D16 interfaces and various SB 32:24, SB i16 and SB 8:8 Stageboxes on the Dante network. “The convenient and functional features of the Dante network, as well as the architecture of the systems made it possible to introduce the cross-use of studio pavilions and audio control rooms and to back up the audio control rooms, if necessary,” Üksküla reports.

Recently, one of the S500 consoles was integrated with the Ross Video OverDrive automation system in a studio dedicated to ERR’s Morning Show. The other two S500s are installed in multipurpose production studios that are used for a variety of programming.

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