Euram Bank Open golf championship captures golfers’ swing with Dream Chip AtomOne SSM500 cameras

Dream Chip has announced a deployment of its solutions in another sports competition. The collaboration has been established with AVISYS Electronics Austria and, through this agreement, two Dream Chip AtomOne SSM500 cameras have recorded images for the Euram Bank Open season 2022 played in Ramsau, Austria, at the GC Adamstal.

AVISYS were tasked by Euro-TV Production, a service provider in the field of TV-outdoor productions, with providing a technical setup which would facilitate dynamic, immersive and smooth capture of the golf swing of professional golfers. Another important requirement was that this solution be unobtrusive to the athletes involved. Euro-TV therefore chose to combine AtomOne SSM500 camera with a Polecam Rig.

The AtomOne SSM500 was chosen for its ability to deliver quality footage and for its format: it weighs only 900g and measures just 60x60x189mm. The SSM500 provides for 500fps footage at 10 bit, using a global shutter recorded to a ⅔” sensor which is capable of accommodating extreme light conditions at both ends of the spectrum. With the option of either C or B4-mount lens base, users have the opportunity to customise their lens selection and control it remotely using motor drive.

The camera allows for two workflows, based either on continuous SSM capture direct to the server, or a ‘trigger’ mode allowing for 60 seconds of 500fps footage stored internally. In the case of the golf event, the camera was linked to an OB Van where a CyanView control panel controlled settings and was linked with EVS output.

Speaking for AVISYS, owner and CEO Keigo Yoneda said: “The SSM500 granted us immense potential in the kinds of shots we could facilitate for EuroTV – from static shots, to detail-orientated slow-motion shots that give audiences a never-before seen level of detail. Golf is such a technical, high-focus event, and the combination of the SSM500 and Polecam allowed us to communicate this to audiences around the world”.

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