Euro Media Group (EMG) continues to rely on SubtitleNEXT for major productions

PBT EU announced that Euro Media Group (EMG) has expanded its digital services division with the purchase of new SubtitleNEXT licenses to support major productions.  The SubtitleNEXT platform is used for captioning offline content in real time.

SubtitleNEXT was adopted by EMG-owned Videohouse back in 2018 already. The recent upgrade further optimises EMG’s subtitling capabilities ahead of major broadcast and sporting productions, which include television series for leading networks, to the largest sports tournaments in the world. Videohouse, now known as EMG Belgium provides national and international services for television.

The Subtitle system gives EMG Belgium the ability to support a diverse range of production requirements and enhances subtitling creativity. Subtitler and Translator at EMG Belgium, Elisabeth Barber, commented, “SubtitleNEXT is the only subtitling brand we now use and has become the exclusive subtitling software platform here, so we use it for all our subtitling projects. We are still very happy with SubtitleNEXT as the platform provides us with superb stability. We can also take advantage of a whole range of brand-new features that have been added since the last upgrade.  If ever there is a slight technical issue, we know we can always count on the prompt response from the SubtitleNEXT support team whenever we need them.”

Other key feature in this solution that the company has highlighted is the capability to simultaneously change the ‘out cue’ of a subtitle, and the ‘in cue’ of the next subtitle, and vice versa. “The ‘auto out cue’ short key, which automatically sets the ‘out cue’ at the desired reading speed specified in the settings, is one we use all the time.  As far as we know, these features are not available in any other subtitling program,” admits Elisabeth Barber.

Ann Van Bogaert, Head of EMG’s Subtitling and Translation Department confirmed, “As we support the needs of our growing department at EMG Belgium and meet the rise in demand for content, we rely on a system that delivers powerful, flexible, and future-ready subtitling workflows that can fit into our strategy. SubtitleNEXT’s development team always steps up to the plate, demonstrating passion for innovation with exciting new features and capabilities that will support our continued growth. We have a solid working relationship with PBT EU, and they are always willing to work with us in a collaborative way to deliver solutions that align with the needs of our business.”

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