EuroTec will install Shotover B1 cameras in Airbus H125 helicopters

Render of Shotover B1 camera for Airbus H125 helicopter

The first North American installation of Shotover B1 cameras will be carried out by EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions (EuroTec), together with its subsidiary EuroTec Canada. These cameras will be implemented in two Airbus H125 helicopters that will be used, according to the company, “in a variety of utility flight operation profiles”. The Shotover B1 camera features the same 6-axis technology that has been part of every aerial camera system of Shotover. The company remarks its look down capability and its performance in low light and daylight.

Hoss Golanbari, VP and Managing Diretor at EuroTec Canada, explains why the company has chosen Shotover’s technology: “We are continually evaluating equipment that will improve our clients’ operations, and the new B1 camera from Shotover fits the bill perfectly for this project. The compact form factor, weight, capability and strong reputation of Shotover all help our clients accomplish their key missions.” “The system’s compact size and weight open up opportunities on a wider range of aircraft than ever before” adds Brad Hurndell, CEO of Shotover.

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