Evertz shines spotlight on its NEXX processing/router solution at NAB 2024

Evertz is set to unveil its NEXX next-generation processing and routing solution at NAB 2024 (Booth SU2027). The solution is designed to impulse broadcast facilities, OB trucks, venues, and stadia by providing them with a compact, robust, and versatile product designed to meet the demands of the evolving landscape, including the transition to 12G-SDI and IP, according to the specifications indicated by the company.

The Evertz’s solution broadcast facilities access to UHD (4K) and HDR technology while remaining adaptable to the dynamic needs of the broadcast industry. With support for SD/HD/3G/6G/12G data rates, this fully passive solution not only paves the way for future IP expansion but also enables seamless integration with SMPTE ST 2110 and cloud services, ensuring that customers can effortlessly adapt to changing workflows, as the company states.

“Flexibility is the cornerstone of NEXX’s success, making it a preferred choice among broadcast facilities and OB trucks worldwide,” notes Joshua Vanarnhem, Evertz Product Manager for Routers. “With its enhanced processing capabilities, comprehensive audio routing, multiple multiviewer options, and support for both SDI and IP, NEXX is incredibly versatile and can be customized to meet the unique needs of every broadcaster.”

Built around a modular frame with a main interface/backplane, this new processing and routing platform is available in 5RU (384×384) and 3RU (96×96) options. All products offer fully redundant control and hot-swappable components, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Additionally, the solution features native full audio shuffling between embedded audio, MADI, and TDM, along with an integrated multiviewer boasting over 40 pre-configured layouts.

Besides, the NEXX-670 FPGA-accelerated module expands processing options and allows users to tailor functionality through software-based apps. Designed for facilities transitioning to IP or requiring advanced bulk processing and comprehensive monitoring, this developmentĀ  seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, regardless of signal type.

Set to debut in 2024, the NEXX-Scorpion module leverages Evertz’ Scorpion miniature I/O (MIO) modules, expanding I/O interfaces beyond SDI and Ethernet to include Dante, HDMI, and more. This modele offers enhanced flexibility, with Mio-Blade providing granular functionality for signal processing.

Controlled by Magnum-OS, the processing and routering solution offers a range of user interfaces, including traditional hardware control panels, web-based panels, and VUE intelligent panels. Real-time analytics provided by Magnum-OS ensure optimal performance and health monitoring, safeguarding broadcasters’ investments in SDI infrastructure while offering a seamless path to the future.

In conclusion, and according to the company’s description, NEXX is set to redefine the broadcast landscape by offering flexibility and scalability without compromising on core routing capabilities.

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