Evertz sets the pace in satellite ground infrastructure digitization with pioneering solutions

Evertz has recently announced its pioneering strides in enhancing satellite ground infrastructure. These advancements are designed to redefine workflows and bolster efficiency for broadcast and media professionals worldwide.

As an active member of the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI), Evertz collaborates with partners to drive interoperability in satellite and ground systems networks. The focus is on enabling a simple, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard, fostering the digital transformation of space, satellite, and related industries. This standardization initiative aims to accelerate the industry’s transition from L-Band IF to Digital IF, akin to the monumental shift from SDI to IP.

Evertz’s leadership role in advancing DIFI was underscored during the inaugural DIFI Plugfest event in Colorado Springs in September 2023. At this event, Evertz worked closely with industry peers to refine and enhance the standard, demonstrating its dedication to driving industry-wide innovation.

At NAB 2024, Evertz will showcase its cutting-edge digital IF conversion and processing technology, setting new benchmarks for the industry. The highlight will be the modular and hot-swappable 7880RFIP platform, offering up to 28 bi-directional conversions in a 3RU frame or up to 8 bi-directional conversions in a compact 1 RU frame. This platform introduces the capability to digitize up to 1GHz of instantaneous IF bandwidth per channel, a significant advancement in spectrum management.

Moreover, Evertz presents its 670WSP channelizer, providing operators with flexible spectrum management to substantially reduce IP bandwidth requirements and facilitate dynamic workflows according to the specifications released by the manufacturer. These advancements are complemented by integration with the Magnum-OS orchestration system, streamlining the integration of complex digital IF or hybrid workflows.

Zakaria Alhaddad, Senior RF Product Manager at Evertz, expressed the company’s commitment to industry advancement, stating, “Evertz is proud to lead the industry in developing transformative solutions for satellite ground infrastructure digitization. Our innovative approach empowers broadcasters with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency while reinforcing our commitment to advancing industry standards such as DIFI. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to shape the future of media and entertainment technology.”

Alejandro Martínez.
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