Evertz integrates its XPS solution to transmit Qatar’s signals to the US for an American broadcaster

The company Evertz has announced that a US broadcaster deployed its technology to deliver coverage of the live games and events during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The requirements of the broadcasters was to ensure signals of high quality video; support for 1080p HDR; ultra-low latency across all signal types; full 16 channel audio support and support for multiple IP transport protocols including UDP/RTP, SRT, Zixi, and RIST. To maximize its investment and ensure longevity, they asked for a reusable app-based solution that could be repurposed for new and existing workflows without changing physical hardware.

The solution delivered by Evertz was its XPS UHD/3G/HD streaming platform for contribution over IP networks.

The XPS is a software-defined HEVC and H.264 10-bit 4:2:2 real-time encoding/decoding platform.

With the encode/decode in place, the broadcaster was able to receive over 40 1080p signals from Qatar, each supporting HDR and 16 audio channels.

The signals originating in Qatar were encoded using HEVC and transported using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). On the receive side, the broadcaster used an XPS receiver located at its Florida-based facility, which decoded the signals to 1080p over SMPTE ST 2110.

“The XPS met all our customer’s requirements and challenges, and performed perfectly throughout the event,” says Harjinder Sandhu, Product Manager for Compression. “By choosing a high density solution with up to four channels per module, they benefited from having a system with a much smaller footprint. They were also able to integrate directly with our ST2110 facility for remote production thanks to the XPS’s support for SDI and ST2110 interfaces. This meant they had no requirement for SDI/SD2110 gateways.”

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