Extreme E rally enters in Taiwan with ELTA TV

Extreme E enters in Taiwan with ELTA TV

Extreme E Rally has announced an agreement with the Taiwanese sports broadcaster ELTA TV to broadcast the competition. The deal includes the live broadcast of the raid championship events in Chinese and English, plus behind the scenes fixtures and documentaries on its VOD platform.

ELTA TV was born in 2008 with the ambition to become a top sports broadcaster in Taiwan. With headquarters in Taipei, it includes on its catalogue events like FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Tokyo Olympics.

Sally Chen, CEO at ELTA, said: “ELTA’s faithful audiences know that we have continued to try our very best on achieving quality performance on sports broadcasting and also taking part in changing for the better. Bringing Extreme E to our audience will be a fine example of such dedication.”

On the other part of the deal, Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “Extreme E aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis, and it is fantastic that we will air our sport for purpose series across Taiwan which unfortunately has its own environmental challenges.

Extreme E started in Saudi Arabia on 3rd April with the first stage of the rally. The competition will continue on 5 different places around the world that are threatened by the climate change. The teams are composed by a male and female drivers, which drive an electric SUV Odyssey 21.

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