FilmLight introduces Nara to push the boundaries of media access, indexing and streaming

FilmLight unveils Nara, a media tool set to transform workflows and enhance collaboration within the industry. Scheduled for showcase at NAB 2024 through various partner booths, Nara aims to revolutionize media access, streaming, and indexing for media professionals, including post-production facilities and VFX houses.

Central to Nara’s innovation is its capability to decode and play back a wide array of media formats without the necessity of transcoding to proxy files. This feature not only accelerates workflows but also minimizes bandwidth consumption. Additionally, Nara boasts an advanced indexing system ensuring swift data retrieval. Its key features include a Web UI with facility-mirroring security protocols, color-accurate streaming, a comprehensive back-end index, and extensive codec support covering RAW camera formats, intermediate formats like EXR, as well as complex deliverables such as IMF and DCP.

Sam Lempp, Nara’s Head of Business Development, highlights the tool’s potential in fostering collaboration among creative teams. “Nara truly connects creative teams,” Lempp explains, “speeding up and simplifying collaborative tasks such as progress reviews, approval, and compliance processes.”

For facilities grappling with the challenge of managing media file accessibility while ensuring security, Nara offers controlled media access via a web-based media browser. According to the company, this feature facilitates streamlined browsing of image assets with thumbnails and associated metadata for quick access and informed decision-making.

Moreover, Nara addresses the decoding and previewing challenges associated with proprietary or high-bitrate codecs by offering web-based media streaming with color-accurate, HDR-capable playback for large file volumes.

Navigating storage without an efficient index system can be time-consuming and counterproductive. Nara’s media index provides metadata for fast search and access, allowing users to search against metadata and browse thumbnails efficiently. This sophisticated index also facilitates the sharing of metadata information among team members, streamlining workflow and review processes.

Darren Woolfson, CTO of Molinare Creative Group, shares insights from their involvement in Nara’s beta program, emphasizing the tool’s efficiency in media management and accessibility. “Nara’s background indexing along with its familiar user interface allows us to find media quickly,” says Woolfson, highlighting the ease of navigation and playback capabilities.

Nara offers flexible deployment options, scalable for both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Its seamless integration and simplified management make it accessible to all, irrespective of Baselight customers.

The Nara team invites industry professionals to experience the tool firsthand at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas from April 13th to 17th, with demos available at partner booths including AWS (W1343), pixitmedia (SU4100), and Quantum (SL5083).

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