Flowics Graphics develops APIs to integrate AEMET data into its graphics platform

The Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) of Spain provides weather information and weather forecasts to practically all Spanish national broadcasters and, also, to most of the local television operators. The Agency gathers information from its network of stations and observatories throughout the country.

This information is essential for any broadcaster and should be as up to date as possible. The task of integrating weather statistics into the broadcast graphics is still largely a manual process for most local broadcasters in the different autonomous communities of Spain. Specific ways of working have been developed to try to mechanize this process, but it is usually something complex to automate that involves custom developments and, therefore, always involves large costs.

To streamline these processes, Flowics has developed an AEMET-specific information connector to its Graphical Platform. The platform is cloud-based and developed specifically for broadcasting. Flowics brings the creation and operation of the graphics to the cloud. Access to the control platform is cross-platform as it is based on a web tool. It works in any production workflow, including SDI, NDI or fully cloud-based.

Live data integration is one of the cornerstones of the Flowics Graphics platform. The company has partnered with a growing list of data providers to create native data connectors, i.e. APIs from data providers that allow information to flow freely into the platform. These connectors allow live data to be incorporated into any broadcast graphics package. One of them is that of AEMET.

It is the first native integration between AEMET and a graphics engine in Spain. And it is that integration that is especially valuable for local Spanish broadcasters who need to produce current, data-driven weather graphics. In addition to AEMET, Flowics Graphics has integration with The Weather Channel APIs for similar use cases and with leading sports data providers such as Stats Perform, SportRadar and Genius Sports.

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