FOR-A provides equipment for several broadcasters in charge of the 2022 World Cup coverage

Although soccer is broadcast by the host broadcaster, many of the broadcasters need on-site production facilities to compile their own coverage. For-A recently reviewed the broadcasters that have made use of its solutions this Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Media Mania is providing a truck built around FOR-A HVS-2000 3M/E and 2M/E production switchers, along with FOR-A routers and multiviewers. Cubic Media’s compact outside broadcast units are equipped with the FOR-A HVS-490 switcher. All are capable of providing a full 4K Ultra HD workflow.

Pro TV, which provides studio facilities for Argentina, and Wise Concepts, has arranged for both flyaway and an on-site outside broadcast truck. Both have architectures that include the HVS-2000 production switcher, along with FOR-A multiviewers, routers and signal processing.

Cubic Media, in addition to covering studio facilities for a broadcaster in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is also supplying all video facilities for the Saudi amateur zone.

Major Gulf broadcasters have invested in new FOR-A switchers, including the HVS-6000 native 4K production switcher, designed for large Ultra HD events.

Mohammed Abu Ziyadeh, FOR-A’s regional director for the Middle East and Africa, based in Dubai, says: “Everyone shares in broadcasting the matches, but they all want to add their own style and flavor, with presenters and experts known in their home markets adding news and analysis of the action.”

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