FOR-A and Aveco join forces to create a single video production, automation and asset management system

FOR-A and automation provider Aveco have reached an alliance to provide video production, automation, and asset management within an only solution.

FOR-A HVS Series production switchers, Insight video servers and ClassX graphics systems are now integrated with Aveco ASTRA Studio production automation and GEMINI media management systems.

The target of this combined solution are mid-sized, small-market and public stations.

“We’ve been recommending FOR-A HVS Series switchers all over the world for years now,” said Jim O’Brien, Aveco President. “They’ve got incredible horsepower and performance at a price point no other vendor can match. We’re looking forward to adding ClassX graphics and Insight servers into our combined solution. FOR-A’s high-powered production capability and reputation for reliability together with our production and MAM makes for a very competitive and inclusive bundle for smaller and mid-market TV stations. Having this level of technical sophistication within an affordable and easy-to-use system is a game changer.”

“The versatility and feature set of Aveco’s system are ideal for late-breaking news applications,” said Satoshi Kanemura, President, FOR-A Americas. “They’ve thought of every condition that may occur during a live newscast and included a solution. It’s an elegant technology that fits perfectly within our ecosystem. The combined capabilities of Aveco and FOR-A are unbeatable. Competitive products are far less customizable, much more complicated, and expensive.”

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