The signal processor FOR-A FA-9600 allows content up-conversion for Lyon Video production company

FOR-A Corporation of America has announced that Lyon Video has purchased ten FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processors with the high dynamic range (HDR) software option. Eight of them have been installed in Lyon-14, a 53-foot expando OB truck. This unit will be used to cover NCAA Division I college football.

Lyon-14 includes a complement of eleven Grass Valley LDX 86N native 4K UHD cameras. Although Lyon Video will produce the football games in UHD, not all content from outside sources is supplied in UHD. The FA-9600s will provide upconversion of the HD signals.

Designed for live HDR broadcast production, each of the FA-9600’s two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs includes a frame synchronizer, HDR and Wide Color Gamut support, and conversion of multiple formats, including 12G, 4K (UHD), 1080p, and HD/SD-SDI. Its 12G-SDI terminals provide support for 4K production (with optional software), while an optional expansion card adds four additional channels of 3G-SDI I/O or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output. The converter supports of 3D LUTs for SDR-HDR, HDR-HDR, and HDR-SDR conversions in mixed SDR and HDR production environments.

“The quality of the conversion is so important. When we looked at the options available to us, the FA-9600’s quality was superior to their competitors,” Chad Snyder, president of Lyon Video, said. “Having these signal processors as part of our equipment package allows us to include these extra visual elements that viewers are accustomed to seeing. This gives it a consistent feel at the network level.”

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