Forbidden to unveil new Forscene interface and MAM at IBC




Forbidden Technologies plc announced that at IBC2014 it will unveil the next generation of Forscene with new capabilities, an entirely new interface, and a new media asset management (MAM) system.

“Since we introduced Forscene in 2004, the technology has evolved to be so much more than a video-editing system — but the interface hasn’t kept pace,” said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies plc. “The new Forscene now has an interface to match its ten years of leadership as a high-performance professional cloud video platform. The new consistency makes for a unified experience from end to end, and a design that easily accommodates today’s HD technology.”

The new interface combines specially designed graphics with updated functionality to provide a professional, efficient experience. Users will now be able to upload both low- and high-resolution proxies of their media to the Forscene cloud and swap between them dynamically while working. They can use the low-resolution proxy for full functionality over slower connections, and then swap to view the high-resolution version when they need greater clarity or more detail.

Forscene’s new workflow management function has been introduced with the ability to make edits available for both review and approval/rejection from within the interface. Tasks are communicated via email with MPEG attachments, so reviewers don’t have to be Forscene users to be able to participate in the process. Furthermore, Forscene users with a synced tablet account will be able to review, comment, approve, or reject edits in the Forscene app while offline — with the app synching automatically when an Internet connection becomes available. Other new Forscene features include the ability to publish with burnt-in timecode or any other metadata; expanded multicam logging to support up to 18 cameras simultaneously; and increased support for different formats that enables functions such as editing MXF files during ingest.


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