France Télévisions discloses PARIS 2024: A pioneering cloud and 5G broadcast endeavor

As the official host broadcaster of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, France Télévisions is spearheading innovation with the launch of the PARIS 2024 Olympic channel, debuting on May 8. In collaboration with TVU Networks, France Télévisions will deliver live coverage of the Olympic flame relay utilizing an unprecedented 100% cloud-based infrastructure paired with a cutting-edge 5G/Starlink network.

With the aim of fostering national unity from the moment the Olympic flame arrives in France, PARIS 2024 will provide 10 hours of live coverage daily, tracing the 1625 km journey through the app, connected TVs, and digital platforms hosting content.

Committed to advancing energy and environmental sustainability, the broadcaster is revolutionizing its broadcasting methodologies by embracing cloud technology, 5G, Starlink, and drone utilization for the flame’s journey. To achieve this, France Télévisions has opted for the comprehensive suite of tools and ecosystem offered by TVU Networks.

Frédéric Brochard, CTO and CIO at France Télévisions, highlights the significance of this innovation: “This advancement equips our editorial teams with enhanced capabilities to produce more content with increased adaptability and responsiveness, all while managing costs and upholding the quality standards synonymous with France Télévisions.”

Laurent-Eric Le Lay, Director of Sports at France Télévisions, affirms the channel’s alignment with the broadcaster’s editorial vision for Paris 2024: “Broadcasting the live journey of the flame is a distinctive offering that perfectly aligns with France Télévisions’ ambitious editorial approach to covering the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This innovation enables us to rise to the occasion, providing French citizens with a continuous, content-rich experience throughout the 80-day relay, enriched with emotional moments and compelling narratives.”

This approach, which is pioneering even for standard live productions, represents a leap forward for an event of this magnitude and complexity. It encompasses all aspects of production, including live feeds, multi-camera switching, graphics, commentaries, audio mixing, intercom, and playout. To ensure comprehensive coverage of the flame’s journey, the project leverages AWS infrastructure to deliver an optimal viewing experience.

Through the integration of TVU Networks’ solutions across the entire media workflow, this partnership achieves the first-ever end-to-end cloud broadcast for a major event, unlocking limitless possibilities for engaging new content that resonates deeply with audiences.

Romuald Rat, Director of Technological Innovation and AI at France Télévisions, emphasizes the environmental impact of this approach: “By embracing a 100% cloud-based approach, we are reducing carbon emissions by several dozen tons compared to traditional methods.”

Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, underscores the collaborative nature of this endeavor: “This collaboration between France Télévisions and TVU Networks sets a new benchmark for the industry — one that prioritizes innovation, sustainability, and the transformative power of cloud technology to bring fans closer to the action. This milestone serves as a wake-up call to the industry, signaling that the future of broadcast is not only here but also accessible, sustainable, and ripe with possibilities for delivering more content to fans worldwide.”

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