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Answers by Vinay K. Gutpa, Principal Solution Architect (OTT Media & Broadcast)

What technological change will bring about a new revolution in broadcasting?
The way that traditional broadcast happens, is going to start diluting in a few years. Traditional broadcasters are competing with really fast-based OTT providers or totally digital-first companies which are going to create a lot of pressure on how the broadcaster sustain the viewership in the future and how do they innovate.

A lot of innovation will happen on the old broadcaster’s infrastructure. It has been very expensive for broadcasters to run and operate in the data centers and they will start going and moving to the cloud. And the business model will change as well, instead of having something like a 24/7 channel and running 18 or 22 DTT free-to-air channels, we will be more OTT-driven.

In future, I feel like in the middle layer and in distribution, problems are solved, cloud adaptation has happened and the big concern will be related with the broadcaster changes. I’m very excited about the tons of work which is happening or which the companies like AWS and Google could offer. They’re talking about how flexible it could be: they could upload a link straight into the cloud and, from there; you could get a feed and distribute it across the web. That kind of tech will become very interesting for a broadcaster.

Nevertheless, before the actual full switch-off happens here will be a hybrid world. For some time broadcast over the DTT would continue but at the same time the OTT will catch up. That phase will continue up to eight years probably, and that is why the perfect broadcast-technology infrastructure is hybrid, I think. When all the user migration is completed we will have entered in the new world. It will be interesting if there will be broadcasters who doesn’t embrace the power of cloud or the shift happening. What happens to them? We don’t know but that will be interesting to watch.

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