Broadcaster’s dixit: the future of TV. SVT.


Answers by Adde Granberg, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Production

Business models are changing. How does television as we know it have to evolve to survive?
We need to focus on the end user, adopt to them and not to the industry… TV are going from being big in a small industry to be small in a big industry.. We getting closer to IT the TV…. We need to create workflows that adepts to the quality of the product at the point of end user. I see clearly that the entry of smartphone started to democratise the tv technology. From a technology used by proud experts to regular persons… that democratisation for real, that’s what we facing now.

What should be the role of television in society?
Telling great storys, make stories for real in a professional way in good quality. Give the audience the full story from more perspective. Give stories that are here and now as well entertain end educate.

What technological change will bring about a new revolution in broadcasting?
Everything will change…. The technology can be used by everyone… That’s a game changer. As well that we will focus on the quality at the end point. Adopting OTT technology at the productionstage, that is really interesting. We are right now developing production workflow with OTT ideas and technology. Really interesting and new thinking.

5G, cloud, IP, virtualized production… will we ever see a world without wires?
Without any doubt…. YES. Redundant wireless solutions. Ofcours, at some stage in the chain we need some GPU power etc connected with som wires… But at the endpoints, place of recording, place of “directing” and enduser will be without wires.

What would be, technologically speaking, the perfect television infrastructure?
Will it ever be… But a workflow that’s adopt standard used by IT and not broadcast… focus on end user quality based on time between camera and enduser. Live or recorded…. We need to rethink the we we now production right now… And build the the perfect infrastructure based on non TV standard equipment…

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