Broadcaster’s dixit: the future of TV. ViacomCBS.

Answers by Gustavo Embón, Broadcast Operations Director at ViacomCBS

Business models are changing. How does television as we know it have to evolve to survive?
Business models change all the time; evolving is always the key, and that’s always been our motto. Free-to-air networks have a huge reach and are integrating perfectly into this new ecosystem. The important thing is not to consider other businesses as competition from broadcast TV, but rather that all current content distribution platforms, including broadcast TV, can complement and boost/promote each other.

What should be the role of television in society?
In addition to being a sustainable business, Broadcast TV must have the role of informing, entertaining, and communicating dynamically, always following the demand of the majority of viewers who watch it in each location. Free-to-air programmers need to have the sensitivity of understanding what kind of content people want to consume.

What technological change will bring about a new revolution in broadcasting?
Augmented reality could be a new revolution in our industry, because we can use it not only to generate fascination in the audience but also in advertising to increase revenues.

5G, cloud, IP, virtualized production… will we ever see a world without wires?
Definitely, all these technological advances add value to distribution platforms, but if we are talking specifically about free-to-air broadcasters, the cloud playout will optimize the control of global transmissions and will notably help to consolidate the disaster recovery scenarios from TV stations.

What would be, technologically speaking, the perfect television infrastructure?
Basically a modern TV station should contemplate being able to share all its media quickly and safely between its areas, wherever they are around the world.
In addition, the infrastructure must support multiplatform distribution. For example, at ViacomCBS we are focused on what we have called “Digital First”, promoting the presence of our content on all digital platforms.

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